Guam Emerges to Find a Major Mess Out of ‘Mawar’; Damage Being Assessed

GUAM: The island territory of Guam is assessing the damage caused by Typhoon Mawar. The strongest cyclone in a decade swept across the Pacific island bringing torrential rains, tree-shedding winds, and whipping up a storm surge that crashed through its coral reefs. So far no storm-related deaths have been reported.

The Governor has urged the residents to continue staying at home in view of their safety. The eye of the Typhoon that passed north of Guam city on Wednesday was deluged with 60 cm of rain. The International Airport flooded said authorities on Thursday after the storm made landfall. Tens and thousands of homes were left without power. Residents have been asked to stock up on supplies.

According to an NWS meteorologist- the mess caused by Mawar is going to take weeks to clean up. The typhoon hit northern parts on Wednesday evening with winds of up to 225 km per hour which generated waves as high as nine meters.

The typhoon according to meteorologists is moving away from Guam now. It will continue to move west-northwest towards the Philippines and Taiwan however is not expected to threaten land in the upcoming days.

An executive order on Tuesday mandating evacuation of low-lying coastal areas, in view of the storm surge and potentially catastrophic coastal flooding. Joe Biden had approved an emergency declaration on the island on Tuesday pushing evacuation of military personnel.

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