Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Erupts, Video Surfaces

Story Highlights
  • Fuego is Central America's most active volcano
  • It remained active from Saturday to Sunday
  • Ashes and fumes sore up to two kms in the sky

America: An active volcano in Central America’s Guatemala has erupted and has been spewing lava and ash for two days. After the volcanic eruption, the country’s largest airport and a major highway in Guatemala City had to be temporarily closed.

According to media reports, there was an eruption in a volcano named Fuego, which was active from Saturday to Sunday. Due to this, ash was seen flying up to two kilometers in the sky. Due to the wind, the ash reached the Guatemala City, which is 35 kilometers away.

“La Aurora International Airport, six kilometers south of Guatemala City, was temporarily closed in the morning due to ash falling on the runway following the volcanic eruption”, the Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics said in a statement. According to reports, at least two incoming flights had to be diverted due to the adverse conditions. However, the airport was reopened around noon local time after the dust cleared.

A traffic police spokesman said the highway, which links southern and central Guatemala, was closed as a precaution. It was reopened on Sunday afternoon after the volcanic eruption stopped. Many videos and images of the volcano eruption and the smoke and fumes surfaced on social media which were recorded by the people living nearby. 

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