Gyanvapi Case: Varanasi Court Upheld SC’s Judgement

Lucknow: Varansi District Court Judge Ajaya Krishna Vishvesha rejected the plea by the Hindu petitioners citing the Supreme Court’s May 17 order, which directed that object found by the commission had to be protected so that no tampering can be done. Today the order of the SC still prevail and no object can be opened.

Further, Varansai Court has rejected Hindu side’s demand for seeking carbon dating scientific investigation of Shivling. Court had ordered a videography survey. Carbon dating is a scientific process used commonly in archaeology to understand the age of an object.

Earlier, an appeal was filed in the Supreme Court challenging the order of the Allahabad High Court which had dismissed a PIL that sought the appointment of a committee or commission under a judge to study the nature of structure of Gyanvapi mosque.

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