Habibganj Police Station Renamed After Rani Kamlapati

Bhopal– The Habibganj police station in Madhya Pradesh was renamed Rani Kamlapati police station. The state government approved the name change in January 2023, but it took months to implement the decision.

Rani Kamlapati was the queen of the Gond kingdom of Garha Mandla, which ruled over much of Madhya Pradesh from the 16th to the 18th centuries. She was a skilled warrior and administrator, and she is credited with helping to modernize the Gond kingdom.

The renaming of the Habibganj police station is part of a larger effort by the Madhya Pradesh government to honor women who have made significant contributions to the state. Recently, the government has renamed several other schools, hospitals, and buildings after women.

Habibganj police station was welcomed by many people in Bhopal. They said it was a fitting tribute to Rani Kamlapati, a powerful and influential figure in the history of Madhya Pradesh.

The renaming of the police station is also seen as a sign of the changing times in India. In the past, women were often marginalized and excluded from positions of power. However, there has been a growing movement in recent years to empower women and give them a greater societal voice.

The renaming of the Habibganj police station is a small but significant step towards achieving gender equality in India. It is a reminder that women can achieve great things and deserve to be honored and respected.

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