Haryana Government 5 Cough Syrups Flagged By WHO

Panipat: The Haryana Government has ordered to completely halt the production of cough syrups at Sonipat-based company Maiden Pharmaceuticals Limited. The development comes after the company was recently flagged by the World Health Organisation (WHO), in wake of the deaths of 66 children in the Gambia.

The company has been given a show cause notice for 12 violations found at its manufacturing plant. Commenting on the development in the case, state health minister Anil Vij said today, “the samples of three drugs of the Sonipat-based pharmaceutical company which were mentioned by WHO, have been sent to Central Drug Laboratory in Kokata. The report is yet to come”.

Earlier on October 5, WHO issued a medical product alert over four-Indian made cough and cold syrups manufactured by Maiden Pharmaceuticals. The WHO Medical Products Alert refers to alert issued against products that failed to meet either quality standards or specifications. The four cough syrups linked to deaths are Promethazine Oral Solution, Kofexmalin Baby Cough Syrup, Makoff baby Cough Syrup and Magrip N Cold Syrup.

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