Head to Railway Stations: Indian Embassy as Weekend Curfew is Lifted

Story Highlights
  • Indian embassy Ukraine issues fresh advisory.
  • Asked the stranded students to board trains heading west.
  • Students assaulted by border forces whilst they attempted cross over.

Kyiv: Indian Embassy in Ukraine, took to Twitter to inform its stranded students to board evacuation trains arranged by the Ukrainian govt and advised them to make their way to the railway station for onward journey to the western parts.

“Weekend curfew lifted in Kyiv. All students are advised to make their way to the railway station for onward journey to the western parts. Ukraine Railways is putting special trains for evacuations,” it said on Twitter.

The Indian government has set up a separate Twitter Handle issuing timely updates and advisories for those stranded. The account lists helpline numbers of nations sharing borders with the war-hit nation.

Meanwhile, videos of students paying the price for India’s unbiased decision at the UNSC have been making rounds. Visuals from Twitter show forces of Romania and Poland kicking stranded Indian students, girls and boys alike.

A video shot by a student shows the border forces are seen kicking and harassing Indian students. Some posts also suggest that African students were also beaten and kicked by the forces at national borders. Innumerable messages of SOS have been received by the GoI since its decision in the UNSC meeting to abstain from voting against Russia.

Angel, a Malayali student, can be heard saying in a video that she and her friend were pushed and beaten. Adding that the police tried to ram their vehicles into the group of students, Angel said that the Ukrainian soldiers did not care that students fell.

A sea of Indian students and other nationals are seen waiting at the Ukraine-Poland border to cross over into the country.

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