Health Care Centre Submerged Under Water In CGs Balod

Story Highlights
  • Health Centre is located in 20-year-old building converted into a pond amid heavy rainfalls
  • Emergency admissions stalled.
  • SDM took up the matter, sent Medical Officer for investigations.

Balod: Heavy rains in Chhattisgarh for the last 3 days have created wreaked havoc in major districts of the state. In a bizarre incident reported on Tuesday, a sub-health Centre in Balod district has turned into a pond due to an inadequate sewerage system and ignorance of concerned authorities. The situation is so worst that there is no provision left for admitting a patient at the health premises.

Reports suggest that the health centre is being operated in a 20-year-old rickety building which encounters water logging in almost every year. The Village Council Heads have intimated about the condition to the concerned authorities a number of times but no action has been taken yet. The villagers alleged that the authorities give them false assurance every time they complain about this situation.

Meanwhile, Village Council Head Jitendra Kumar said in a statement that due to the water-logging situation in the hospital no patient gets admission for treatment. District Magistrate, however, took up the matter on priority as soon as he was informed about the condition of the health centre. He further assured that all the issues will be resolved quickly. The Medical Officer has been sent for introspection in this matter.

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