Heinous Crime in MP’s Sidhi; 65 year Old Woman Gangraped, Condition Serious

Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh: In a horrifying incident in MP’s Sidhi district, an elderly woman aged 65 have been brutally gang raped by two men. In the city’s Kotwali police station area, the two accused gang-raped the woman after drinking alcohol. The accused also injured her private parts with sharp objects. 

The condition of the woman is said to be serious. She is being treated at the district hospital amid tight security. Taking action in this incident, the Sidhi police have arrested the two accused. Regarding the matter, the police told that a 65-year-old elderly woman was raped by two people in the City Kotwali police station area. Before that, both of them drank heavily. Police have arrested both of them and registered a case. 

The Police are probing the matter and collecting evidence. It was told that the accused knew the woman beforehand. It is noteworthy that despite the state government taking strict action on such incidents, the rate of rape cases is continuously coming to light. Stricter steps must be taken by the police to keep a check on such crimes in the future. More investigations are to be followed in this case.

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