Herd of Elephant Trample Man to Death After a Calf was Killed

KORBA: A man was killed by a herd of elephants who went on a rampage after nearly a week after a calf of their group was killed. The incidents took place in the Katghora forest division.

As per sources, the herd entered the nearby Devmatti village in the Jatga range on late Thursday night. The elephants trampled Pintawar Singh and his three cattle to death when he was in his cattle shed, the official said.

Locals have been advised to stay alert while the forest officials monitor the movement of the herd.

A week ago a calf was killed by a group of local men and buried in a field in Bania village under Padan Forest Range. A team of forest officers after being tipped off about the killing dispatched a team that excavated the carcass of the calf and sent it for autopsy. The owner of the farm was, however, detained for questioning, officers said.

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