Here are Some Lesser Known Facts About Sonu Sood

Story Highlights
  • Sonu Sood turns 49.
  • Sonu Sood is a well known actor and a philanthropist.
  • The actor debut as Saheed Bhagat Singh and is also known an Big Bs doppleganger.

Actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood who is celebrating his 49th birthday this year received a rare honour. Wishes poured from across the globe and one of the rarest wishes was that from Dubai. The actor was paid respect by an entrepreneur who displayed the messiah’s picture on a building.

Sonu Sood turned into a messiah for many during the pandemic. With two decades in the industry, Sonu Sood has become a role model for several.

Let’s take a look at a few of the lesser-known facts about the star:

  1. Sonu comes from a highly educated family. His mother has been a professor in Punjab while his sister is a scientist. The brother and sister duo were in talks off-late for entering the political arena.
  2. He ventured into the film industry with a debut role as Shaheed Bhagat Singh.
  3. The actor owns a social media application called the Explurger- which was launched just a month ago. The app targets travelling buffs and has the motto Yaha Nahi toh Social Nahi
  4. The author is an author too. For the unversed, Sonu Sood known for his heroic contribution during the pandemic published his memoir- I am No Messiah, which is co-authored with Meena Iyer.
  5. Big B’s doppleganger- The most interesting fact about Sonu Sood is that industry experts called him Amitbah Bachans’ look alike.

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