High Command Calls for Leaders Meet on Friday, CM Baghel to Fly to Delhi

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  • High Command calls for an all party MLA meet on Friday.
  • CM Baghel to fly to Delhi on Friday morning.
  • Nearly 16 MLAs flew to Delhi today evening.

Chhattisgarh: CM Baghel would fly back to Delhi tomorrow morning. It is reported that the High Command has called all party MLAs of the state in Delhi to hold a discussion on the ongoing internal rifts.

Nearly 16 MLAs have flown to Delhi today evening. Amongst those that left for Delhi included Mohan Markam, Brihaspat Singh, Chandradev Rai, UD Minj, Vinay Jaiswal, Gulab Kamro, Gurudayal Banjare, Purshottam Kanwar, Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat, Kunwar Nishad, Chintamani Maharaj, Bhuneshwar Baghel and Shakuntala Sahu. Additionally, Urban Administration Minister Dr Shiv Dahria and Parliamentary Secretary Vikas Upadhyay also reached Delhi on Thursday.

It is speculated that Congress President Sonia Gandhi would preside over the meeting to be held. Sources confirm the presence of Organization Secretary KC Venugopal and General Secretary State in-charge PL Punia at the meeting tomorrow.

CM Baghel arrived from Delhi on Wednesday, after convening with Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi at his residence. On the contrary, Health Minister stayed back overnight and convened with several other leaders of the party. Following which he flew to Bhopal instead of Raipur after his sources received inputs on another meeting with Sonia Gandhi shortly.

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