High Power Committee Gives Three Rehab Options; CM Dhami Assures Safety for Char Dham Yatra

UTTARAKHAND: At the high-powered committee meeting on the relief and rehabilitation work in sinking Joshimath, Additional Sec Anand Vardhan put to rest several concerns on the future of sinking Joshimath. The committee informed that three options have been presented by the Chamoli District Magistrate Himanshu Khurana for the rehabilitation of the affected people.


FIRST OPTION offers a one-time settlement by providing financial assistance to the affected land/ building owners. However, before they are paid fully, the land/building of the affected person will have to be registered in favour of the state government, he said.

SECOND OPTION- Under this option, land upto 100sqm will be provided to the affected land/building owners for house construction and compensation for the affected building. In case of more than 100 square metres of land, the affected landowners will be paid for the rest of the land according to the norms. Before making the full payment to the affected land/building owners and before allotting land up to an area of 100 square metres for house construction, the registry of the land/building of the affected person will have to be done in favour of the state government, the officials said.

THIRD OPTION- Under the last option it was stated that a building will be constructed on land up to a max area of 75 sqm at the area marked for rehabilitation. If the valuation of the affected residential building/land is more than the land/accommodation being provided, then the remaining amount will be paid to the displaced. In this option too, the registry of the disaster-affected land/building will have to be done in favour of the state government. 

Meanwhile, CM Dhami also cleared the air on the concerns regarding Char Dham Yatra. Speaking to the reporters on Monday, he reassured the public that the pilgrimage will be conducted safely. Dhami emphasized that there should be no doubts in the minds of people about Joshimath, which serves as the gateway to Badrinath.

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