Hijab Banned in Madhya Pradesh after Protests

Story Highlights
  • Hijab banned in government college in Datia district.
  • Durga Vahini the women’s wing of VHP protested against allowing headscarves.
  • A similar restriction due to Hijab was reported in an Autonomous College.

Madhya Pradesh: The Hijab controversy breached the Chauhan led govt on Tuesday. A govt college in Datia’s district banned Hijab after a group of select members from the Durga Vahini the women’s wing of Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) agitated for allowing Muslim students to wear Hijab on campus.

This move however doesn’t seem to be in line with the statement given by Home Minister, who defied the announcements made by the State Education Minister. Spurts of tension were seen in the state after a college on Monday barred a Muslim girl from appearing for the exam.

The Hijab row which began in Karnataka has trespassed its boundaries and leapt across the nation now. Students in favour of the Udipi Muslims are staging protests. The HC which is hearing the plea submitted by six Muslim girls issued an interim order on February 10th instructing all students to refrain from donning any religious attire in the educational campuses until further orders. The petitioners filed an interlocutory application seeking to stay the ongoing hearing till February 28, citing the elections in five states. They have stated that they have been aggrieved by the “illegal imposition” of uniform and denying of opportunity to attend the classes. The petitioners also expressed displeasure on the fact of the hijab case was being used by political parties out of context for political gains.

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