Hijab Row: Boys Forced to Wear Saffron Shawls

Story Highlights
  • Boys forced students to wear saffron shawls as protests against the Hijab girls.
  • Nearly 40 students were denied entry into the college.
  • Karnataka HC to hear petitions filed under Hijab row on February 8th.

Karnataka: In another instance today, Muslim students in Karnataka staged a protest after they were denied entry into the premises. Around 40 students stood at the gates of the Bhandarkar’s Arts and Science Degree College in Kundpar, a coastal town in the Udipi district of Karnataka. Along with the girls stood a mob of boys stood in solidarity with their protest.

Another college in Udipi district Byndoor town also witnessed the irk of the Hijab protest. A group of Hindu boys reportedly forced other students of the Govt PU college to wear Saffron Shawls.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka High Court has decided to hear the petitions filed by the students of the Government Pre-University College for Girls, Udupi on February 8th.

The students in the petition have submitted that the college authorities have refused them the right to attend classes only because they wear hijab. They have further requested the court to issue directions to the government not to interfere with their religious and fundamental rights. They mentioned that wearing a hijab is an essential part of their religion. Submitting two petitions, the students explained how the VP, Principal and the Secretary of the college humiliated them for wearing Hijab. 

Trouble mounted in the state after a group of boys showed up with Saffron Shawls on Wednesday. The Hijab protests began weeks ago at the Govt Girls PU college in Udipi district when six students on February 1st were barred from attending classes while having their headscarves.

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