Hijab Row Softens After Sikh Girl’s Example

Story Highlights
  • Sikh girl in Mount Carmel PU College permitted to wear turban.
  • Muslim girls demanded removal of the turban as per the court orders.
  • Section of students permitted to wear Hijab in class.

 Bengaluru: The toxic controversy on Hijab has softened a little after the turban incident came up at a college in Bengaluru. A private college in Bengaluru today, requested a Sikh girl to remove her turban-which her family obviously refused to comply with- just like the norms set for the Muslim girls.

The incident is reported from Mount Carmel PU College, which had instructed all its students about the court order after the school resumed on February 16th.  However, today’s incident sparked a new light where the protesting students demanded the Sikh girl should also take off her turban just like us.

After the high court interim order came, we started to abide by that. We asked the students in hijab, to take off the hijab and attend classes. However, a few students had an issue with another Sikh student who is wearing the turban,” Sister Genevieve, Administrator, Mount Carmel PU College.

Giving an insight into the Sikh girl being permitted, she added that the girl was baptised, and so she cannot remove the turban. “And so, we let it be,” Sister Genevieve said.

Following this several students in the class were seen wearing Hijab, while few of them abide by the norms, authorities added.

Hijab has been in controversy since December last year in Karnataka, where college officials have been asking students to remove their headscarf in order to attend classes.

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