Hindus File Plea to Perform Rituals at ‘Shivling’ in Gyanvapi Mosque

Story Highlights
  • Hindu submit plea to perform rituals near Gyanvapi Mosque shivling
  • The petition is filed by president of the Shri Krishana Janma Bhumi Mukti Sthal.
  • The Shivling is under protection until further orders.

New Delhi: A plea in the SC has sought permission on Friday for the disciples and followers of Lord Shiva to pray near the Shivling found near the ablution area in the Gyanvapi Mosque during the court-ordered videography.

The petitioner- Shri Krishna Janma Bhumi Mukti Dal has stated that it would like to carry out its religious practices on the Shivling as guaranteed under the Constitution. Citing the beginning of the Shravan Maas, Rajesh Mani Tripathi, the president filed the petition.

“The petitioner’s right to preaches his own religious practices and rituals according to Hindu customs as provided under Article 25 of the Constitution of India and it is a fact that the month of Shravana is being celebrated to offer puja to Lord Shiva… and the petitioner came before the court seeking permission to practice his prayer in the month of Shravana to offer puja, exercise the rights of “freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion” as guaranteed under Article 25 of the Constitution of India,” the plea stated.

On May 20th, the SC transferred the case related to the worship at Gyanvapi mosque from the civil judge to the District judge. As per its order on May 17th, the Shivling is under protection with access to the ablution area under operations till the maintainability of the suit is decided and thereafter for eight weeks to enable parties to pursue legal remedies.

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