Honey Singh’s Controversial Song Opposed In Indore

Story Highlights
  • The song includes abusive content that triggered the entire controversy
  • Abusive Content using Hindi Alphabets used in the song
  • Information and Broadcasting Ministry informed about banning on song

Indore: A controversial song by Honey Singh triggered a row in Indore where the residents came across controversial words used therein. The Hindi alphabets were used and abusive content was opposed by the listeners. Locals and some party leaders strongly called for prohibiting the song and boycotting the singer in all. Locals are of the opinion that the song shall be stopped immediately as it contains content not apt for the society as a whole.

To remove this song from all possible online channels a letter has also been written to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry on Thursday.

A letter of intimation has also been forwarded to the Prime Minister’s office as well. Local political parties have also started opposing the song in which the Indian National Congress has hold a major ground calling for immediate removal of Honey Singh’s song. The Congress party is demanding to ban the song with immediate effect and boycott the singer. This is not the first time Honey Singh has landed in to a controversy over his song lyrics.

Similar incidents were reported earlier as well where Honey Singh was handed warnings and fined. The Indore Local Authorities said that they will make sure these types of lyrics are not used by the singer anytime in the future

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