Hostel Superintendents Sacked; New Recruits List Issued

Story Highlights
  • Hostel superintendents sacked over alleged inappropriate behavior with students.
  • New hostel incharges appointed.
  • 5 hostels reported inappropriate behavior with students in Balodabazar and Bharatpara

Raipur: The Chhattisgarh govt on Monday sacked 5 hostel superintendents of separate hostels in Balodbazar-Bhatapara for allegedly forcing students to do inappropriate work and exploiting them. The order was issued under column number 3 of the teachers and cadre employed by the State govt.

As per the order issued, all 5 hostel in-charges have been dismissed from their posts. The administration acting swiftly on the complaint has appointed a superintendent.

The hostels that have been listed in the order are

  1. A teacher from the Govt pre-secondary school -Ranjit Sonwani who was the superintendent of Post-Matric SC Boys Hostel in Balodabazar and Pre Matric SC Boys hostel in Lavan was dismissed from his post. He has been replaced by Ramayan Singh Makra and Chova Ram Dhruva respectively.
  2. Rajeshwari Purena has been replaced by Damini Verma as the hostel superintendent of Post Matric Girls Hostel in Balodabazar.
  3. The charge of the Pre Matric Girls hostel in Simga has been handed over to Neelima Yadav.
  4. Pre Matric hostel boys in Simga would now be monitored by Surabh Goswami

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