HRDA Condemns Detention of HRD Rainu Oyam 

Story Highlights
  • HRDA demands independent inquiry into Human Rights Activist Rainu Oyam case.
  • Rainu was arrested on intervening nights on April 24 and 25 from CRPF Chrepal camp.
  • Officials claimed Rainu was a wanted Maoist charged for fabricating multiple cases he was booked under.

Raipur: The Rights group Human Rights Defenders Alert (HRDA) condemning the arrest by the CG Police and the CRPF on Tuesday demanded an independent inquiry into the atrocities faced by Oyam to be submitted to the National Human Rights Commission within two weeks. It also called for stern action against the CG Police and CRPF Officials who misused the provisions of law and framed HRD Oyam.

“Ensure that HRDs in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh are allowed to assemble peacefully and carry out their genuine human rights work as per the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution,” said the HRDA.

Human Rights Defender Rainu Oyam was detained forcibly on the intervening night of April 24 and 25th near the CRPF Cherpal camp. Officials claimed Rainu allegedly fabricated multiple cases and was a wanted Maoist holding a bounty of Rs 10,000. Police also said that he was the Krantikari Adivasi Bal Sangathan President, an alleged front organisation of the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist).

A total of 11 cases were registered against him pertaining to various incidents of firing on security forces, planting of mines and explosives, arson and murder between June 2020 and January 2022. Arrest warrants were issued in eight cases and three cases were sub judice, claimed the police.

Rainu, as a leading member of the Adivasi rights group Moolwasi Bachao Manch, organized numerous peaceful protests against militarization and human rights violation violations by police and security forces.

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