Huge Explosion At Kerch Bridge

Russia: The Kerch bridge from Russia to Crimea has hit by a huge explosion today. The bridge was a hated symbol of the Kremlin’s occupation of the southern Ukrainian peninsula and one of Vladimir Putin’s prestige projects. Half of the parallel road bridge collapsed into the Kerch Strait.

“Today at 6.07 AM on the road traffic side of the Crimean bridge a car bomb exploded, setting fire to seven oil tankers being carried by rail to Crimea”, said a Russian official. It is still unclear whether either was responsible or simply caught in detonation.

Inaugurated in 2018, the bridge was built on the orders of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin and was a key transport links for carrying , military equipment to Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. Russia had maintained the bridge safe despite the fighting in Ukraine and had threatened Kyiv with reprisals if it was attacked.

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