Hurricane Ida: 44 Dead As Flash Floods Hit New York Area

Story Highlights
  • Flash Floods hit the New York area killed 44 people.
  • Caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ida.
  • A state of emregency was called on Thursday by the Mayor of New York.

New York: By Thursday, flash flooding from the remnants of Hurricane Ida killed at least 44 people in the New York area overnight, some of whom died in the basement during a “historic” weather event. Authorities blamed climate change.

After the storm brought unprecedented rainfall to some areas, dozens of people have died in the six eastern states Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The death toll included a Connecticut state police officer who has been swept away in response to a call from a missing person.

New York and New Jersey declared a state of emergency, and the National Weather Service issued the first emergency flash flood warning to New York City on Thursday, urging residents to move to higher places.

The wreckage of Hurricane Ida brought “historic rain” to New York City, where basement apartments suddenly filled with water, highways and boulevards turned into rivers, flooding cars.

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