Hyderabad Hate crime: Sultana Recounts the Brutal Murder of her Husband

Story Highlights
  • Interfaith marriage victim Ashrin interacts with media.
  • Claims Nagaraju was hit 30-35 times with an iron rod for over 15-20 minutes.
  • A 25 year-old Hindu man was brutally killed in a case of suspected "honour killing."

Hyderabad: He was hit 30-35 times said, Syed Ashrin Sultana during a police interrogation on Friday. Ashrin was into intercaste marriage with Nagesh who was attacked by the lady’s cousin brothers on Wednesday in Saroornagar on Thursday evening. Ashrin giving her statement to the cops asserted that she wants justice.

Ashrin visited the house of her husband B Nagaraju for the first time after his death two days ago. In a media interaction, she shared that she would henceforth live in the Nagaraju’s childhood home with his memories till she dies. Dazed with grief, Sultana 21 is seen holding the photo frame of Nagaraju.

It is learned that Ashrin was tortured by her brother prior to her marriage on January 30th this year. Following this, she eloped and got married on January 31st and since then lived with Nagaraju. The couple post marriage reportedly approached the police seeking protection from her mother and brother who objected to the alliance. The latter reportedly signed a document and were warned to stay away from the couple. Also, the couple changed their sim cards to avert being tracked and attacked.

Ashrin feels that society should shoulder the responsibility to protect those who are being attacked. She felt that the people around had enough time to intervene and stop the attack and save Nagaraju. Nagaraju was cremated on May 5th at his home town in Vikarabad. Syed Mobin Ahmed brother of Ashrina and friend has been arrested. The DCP LB Nagar has stated to put the case on fast track court and help Ashrin.

Nagaraju was brutally killed in broad daylight by his Muslim brother-in-law and an accomplice in a case of suspected “honour killing.” The incident was caught on camera and went viral.

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