I Wore PPE Kit for the Exam, But College Didn’t Let me Write Exam

Story Highlights
  • A muslim girl, Subata Ahmed wore PPE kit instead of Hijab to appear for her exam.
  • College ordered the girl to remove the kit and attend the exam.
  • Hijab has been banned in all schools and colleges of Karnataka.

Karnataka: I wore a PPE Kit instead of Hijab said Subata Ahmed, a third-semester BA Psychology student at the SJMVS Arts and Commerce College for Women in Karnataka’s Hubli.

The incident took place on the March 22nd, where Subata aware that she would not be permitted to attempt the exam wearing a Hijab, wore a Personal Protection Kit. A PPE kit isn’t a hijab, but it fulfils my conditions of a hijab she said citing her reasons to the alternative she chose.

At the exam Centre, Subata was asked to remove the PPE kit, in response to which she argued as she was not violating any norm. The spat continued for over 45 min’s while the examination was going on in the room. Later she was allowed to write the exam but was strictly told it would not be tolerated for the upcoming exams. Wearing Hijab in any educational institution was banned by the High Court. All schools and colleges in Karnataka have introduced uniforms for students.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, a video of Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahuru made rounds on social media, in which he is seen praising Muskan khan- the girl who chanted Allahu Akbar, when the Bajrang Dal activists protested and chanted ‘Jai Shri Ram’ demanding a ban on Hijab.

The video has been titled ‘The Noble Woman of India.’ Zawahari has composed and recited a poem in praise of the Karnataka student. In the video, he was heard saying that he came to know about Muskan Khan through social media videos and he is “moved by the act of a sister”.

Reacting to Muskan’s video and praising her, al-Zawahiri called the Mandya student `the Noble Woman from India`, Snubbing the Al-Qaeda chief, Hussain on Wednesday said his daughter is more interested in studies. Speaking to the media, Hussain said his family does not want any “unwanted attention”. “It has become a big headache for us. We do not know him. I saw Zawahiri for the first time. We are happy here and living together with everyone like brothers and sisters in the Mandya district of Karnataka,” he said.

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