‘If Punjab wanted to arrest me…,’ fugitive Amritpal Singh Posts Video

Absconding Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh, who has been dodging the Punjab police since 12 days now has shared a video Wednesday confirming that he remains at large.

The video has been sourced through a foreign country, said sources, adding it appears to be two days old. UK handles have distributed Amritpal’s video, said sources.

In the video he is heard saying, ” the government action against him “was not about his arrest but an attack on the Sikh community”. Further on, he said that if the government wanted to arrest him, they could have arrested him from home. “But the way the government sought to corner me, it was by God’s grace that I managed to come out,” he was heard saying in the video.

Asserting that nobody can harm him, Amritpal said he is not afraid of being arrested. “I thank all the Sangat who protested for me all over the world. But we should understand that it is not about my arrest. It is an attack on the Sikh community. I was not afraid of arrest earlier, nor am I now,” he said.

Amritpal, however, did not make any mention of a separate state or Khalistan.

Earlier, in the day reports made round that Amritpal would surrender. He according to sources had laid down three terms which on being fulfilled, he would lay down arms.

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