Imported Car Smuggling Busted by DRI; Big Boy Toyz CEO Nipun Miglani Arrested

Story Highlights
  • DRI busts high end luxury car smuggling racket held pan India
  • DRI had a discrete watch over the smuggling activities under their program ‘Operation Monte Carlo'
  • 5 high end vehicles across India have been seized under the Customs Act 1962

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) busted a car smuggling racket sourcing in the name of diplomatic privileges. Sources report that a Dubai based individual with a history of Customs offences has been facing allegations and is being investigated by the DRI. 

After receiving a tip in the smuggling of high end luxury cars, the DRI launched “Operation Monte Carlo” under which the smugglers were under a discreet watch. 

Officials from DRI reported that the smugglers would export high end luxury cars from the UK, UAE and Japan in the name of diplomats. Following its arrival in India the cars would be ferried to the city of the buyer or the dealer. DRI has identified most of the buyers as the CEOs of popular chains dealing in sale of pre-owned luxury cars. The vehicle would be registered at the state Regional transport office, thereby evading a custom duty at 204%.

DRI has conducted a pan India investigation across 7 cities. Nearly 6 cars have been detained under the provisions of the Custom Act 1962. 

One amongst the three key suspects is identified as CEO of Gurugram-based luxury car dealership Big Boy Toyz, Nipun Miglani. 

 In the past five years, nearly 20 luxury cars have been smuggled into the country under the name of Diplomats leading to evasion of more than Rs 25 crores.

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