In a First Brain Dead Woman from MP Donates Hands

INDORE: In a first of its kind, the hands of a 52-year-old girl were donated to an 18-year-old teen in Mumbai on Sunday after the former was declared brain dead. The 52-year-old, Vinita Khajanchi hailing from Indore was declared dead on Sunday by health officials following a serious brain ailment for which she was hospitalized on January 13th.

Health officials on Monday said it was the first of its kind in the state and called it a “revolution in the field of organ donation”. ‘The woman’s kin gave consent for donation of her skin, eyes, lungs, liver, and kidneys as well, he said.

Dr Sanjay Dixit, secretary of the Indore Society for Organ Donation dean of the state-run Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, said Khajanchi’s hands were sent to Mumbai on Monday by a special flight. The 18-year-old girl does have no limbs by birth and this generous donation by the lady would build a better future for the girl.

 It is said that khajanchi’s lungs have been sent to Chennai via a special flight. Her lungs will be transplanted into two patients who need them and her kidneys and liver will also be transplanted into two patients in Indore. Lastly, her eyes are being preserved in organ banks so that they can also be given to a patient who really needs them.

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