Increase In Saffron Production Brings Joy To Farmers

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  • Saffron farmers of Pampore have increased the production of saffron crop this year.
  • Weather played a commendable role in the saffron production.
  • Saffron growers have been waiting for the sprinkle irrigation facility.

Srinagar: Many fold increase in Saffron production this year has become a source of joy and jubilation for the farmers associated with the crop who had suffered huge losses in past few years due to weather vagaries. Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Saffron Growers Association, Abdul Majeed Wani told that there has been a 50% increase in the production of the saffron crop this year against the previous years and farmers associated with it are delighted. Saffron harvesting is in progress in many south Kashmir villages especially in Pampore which is known as the ‘Saffron Town of Kashmir.

“Weather played a commendable role in the saffron production with rainfall occurring at a time when it was needed, helping the crop to grow and increase production,” the chairman said. Wani said that many farmers who are associated with this crop had given up on sowing the seeds of saffron in their fields due to low production during the past few years. But, after seeing a good production of the crop this year, they have made up their mind to continue the saffron business in future.

He said that many outside parties have already made their online bids for the purchase of saffron from the growers. Wani said, “Saffron growers in Pampore have been waiting for the completion of the sprinkle irrigation facility by the government to boost production of saffron but nothing has been done so far,” he said. He said although about 128 bore wells have been installed they have not been made functional as yet. He demanded that irrigation facilities should be made available to the saffron farmers in the future so that the crop would not have to wait for the timely rains.

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