India among five nations that could isolate COVID-19, says Health Minister

NEW DELHI: Since the start of the year 2020, The world has been fighting the battle against the lethal virus commonly known as ‘Coronavirus’. COVID19 has grappled the world like no other and every nation is gearing up to make vaccines as soon as possible. 

While addressing the media during the launch of the Compendium on ‘CSIR Technologies for COVID-19 Mitigation on Thursday, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that India has fought firmly against the novel coronavirus pandemic and continues to do so with determination.

Harsh Vardhan hailed the technological advancement and innovation by the council of scientists and industry and talked about how country’s scientists and experts doing hard work to find the vaccine.

“The compendium covers a wide range of technologies and products for fighting covid—19, spanning diagnostics, drugs, ventilators and PPEs using more than 100 technologies and 93 industry partners to give best treatment to covid 19 patients. Over 60 of these technologies have been transferred for commercial production”, he said. 

 Dr Vardhan Talking about the covid—19 situation in the country, he said India is not behind in fighting the virus. “we have fought the pandemic in full force. Two Indian companies have reached the clinical trial phase for Covid –19 vaccine. It is a matter of pride,” the minister said.

He also said that India is among five such nations that could isolate the covid – 19 virus.

Vardhan lauded healthcare professionals, doctors, paramedics, among other ‘corona warriors’ of the country for their selfless fight against covid 19. The minister said that as a result of the country’s fight against the  coronavirus, India’s recovery rate is one of the best in the world, around 64 percent while the fatality rate is also comparatively low.

 The health minister emphasized the improving rate of covid-19 recovery in the country and said that over 10 lakh patients have beaten the virus across india. 

Vardhan said that India has been supplying hydroxychloroquine to around 150 nations. “the virus is unpredictable, but we have been making a strong effort to battle it,”he said. 

Union Minister said that in the coming months India plans to check the  covid-19 tests daily. 10 lakh tests will be done daily. “In April, we were conducting just 6,000 tests on a daily basis, today the figure has gone up to 5 lakh tests daily. 

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