India and US Resolve Final WTO Trade Dispute, Announce Joint Statement

New Delhi: In a recent development, India and the United States have successfully resolved their final trade dispute at the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding poultry products. A joint statement was issued on Friday after a high-level meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Joe Biden in New Delhi of the G20 Leaders Summit.

The joint statement emphasized this achievement, with both leaders expressing their appreciation for resolving this standing WTO dispute. It’s worth noting that this resolution follows another accomplishment in June 2023 when the two countries settled six trade disputes within the WTO framework.

This development highlights India and the United States’ commitment to promoting equitable trade practices while creating an environment for international commerce. It also emphasizes the significance of dialogue and negotiation in addressing trade-related disagreements between nations.

The statement did not mention the specific details of the resolution and terms agreed upon to settle the poultry product dispute. However, this accomplishment represents a milestone in strengthening trade relations and fostering cooperation on trade matters between these two influential economies.

As both nations gear up for their involvement in the G20 Leaders Summit, this resolution stands as proof of the endeavours to tackle trade matters amicably and strengthen their alliance worldwide.

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