India-Brazil Talks Focus on Advancing Cooperation

Brasilia– Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs for India, met with his counterpart in Brazil to examine methods to improve collaboration between the BRICS, IBSA, and G20 blocs. The meeting aimed to strengthen the partnership between India and Brazil in various multilateral forums and deepen their bilateral relations.

Both ministers emphasized the importance of the BRICS grouping as a platform for developing countries to engage and collaborate. They discussed different strategies to enhance cooperation within BRICS, focusing on trade, investment, technology, and innovation. The ministers recognized the significance of BRICS in addressing global challenges and promoting inclusive development.

The discussions also encompassed the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) forum, which is crucial in strengthening trilateral cooperation among these three emerging economies. They exchanged views on expanding IBSA’s agenda and exploring new areas of collaboration.

Furthermore, the ministers highlighted the importance of the G20 in addressing global economic issues and fostering international cooperation. They discussed India’s upcoming G20 presidency in 2023 and Brazil’s role as a key group member.

The meeting between the Indian and Brazilian ministers underscored the shared commitment of both countries to deepen their partnership and advance cooperation within the BRICS, IBSA, and G20 blocs. It showed their commitment to working together on international issues and advancing the growth and prosperity of their countries and the international community.

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