India Buckles Up Remdesivir Production; Around 74 Lakh Units to be Produced by Next Month

Story Highlights
  • The Home Ministry announces the enhanced production of Remdesivir
  • Informs states and UTs to gear up logistic services
  • Export of Remdesivir and its raw materials banned

New Delhi: Amid the increasing number of cases of corona infection, there has been a nationwide hue and cry over the shortage of oxygen and the life-saving drug Remdesivir. 

As per the need of the hour, the Home Ministry quoted an increase in the production of Remdesivir from 38.80 to 74 lakh units by next month.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla wrote to the chief secretaries of all states and Union Territories (Union Territories) on Thursday informing the supply of Remdesivir to commence from April 21 to April 30. All the states/UTs have been asked to submit their applications for the required stock. They have also been asked to prep up their logistic services for unhindered delivery to the hospitals.

The Home Secretary also said that the Ministry of Health, Family Welfare (MoHFW) and the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) have decided to uplift the supply of Remdesivir to all states and UTs. Around 7 licensed manufacturers of Remdesivir have been identified across the nation which will ramp up their production to save the collapsing health care sector. 

The Centre completely banned the export of Remdesivir and its raw materials which are useful in the treatment of the second wave. It took this decision when reports of shortages of the antiviral drug poured in from across the country. It also officially banned the export of any medicines or injections associated with the pandemic for the first time. However, the pace of export of COVID vaccines has slowed in recent times.

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