India-China standoff: Brigade Commander-level talks on eastern Ladakh end in impasse

Ladakh: The Brigade Commander-level talks between the Indian and Chinese soldiers finished in an impasse on Tuesday. The discussions, held at Chushul on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, were essential for a progressing exertion to facilitate the pressure between the two countries, set off by a new showdown between the different sides on the southern bank of the Pangong lake. 

However, sources have revealed that no progress was made during the discussions on Tuesday. The different sides are probably going to go for additional rounds of talks on the issue yet until further notice, the strain remains, sources have said. 

The different sides held talks for around six hours on Monday too yet no solid result rose up out of the engagement. 

Over the most recent three days, the Chinese Army has made three endeavors to transgress into Indian regions on the southern bank of Pangong lake in Ladakh. 

The first endeavor was made on the mediating evening of August 29-30. On Monday, the Indian Army had said the Chinese military completed “provocative military developments” to “unilaterally” change the status as usual on the southern bank of Pangong lake on the intervening evening of August 29 and 30 yet the endeavor was frustrated by the Indian soldiers. 

Despite the fact that China discredited the charge, its soldiers again endeavoured to barge in the Indian territory on Monday night. 

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) representative Anurag Srivastava in a statement stated, “Yesterday (August 31), even as the ground commanders of the different sides were in conversations to de-raise the situation, the Chinese soldiers again occupied with provocative activity. Because of the convenient guarded activity, the Indian side had the option to forestall these endeavors to singularly adjust business as usual.” 

As indicated by sources, the Chinese powers on Monday had indeed attempted to surround Kaala Top and Helmet Top in a forceful move. In any case, they were halted by Indian powers who yelled to them utilizing bull horns to disclose to them that they had been spotted. 

Sources have revealed that the Indian soldiers on Tuesday thwarted a third interruption by the Chinese soldiers at an outskirt watch office situated in south-eastern Ladakh. Around seven to eight hefty vehicles of the Chinese armed force set off towards the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) from their Chepuzi camp, sources disclosed to India Today TV. 

As per sources, the Indian security forces also sent vehicles to forestall any interruption. Seeing the vehicles from the Indian side alongside troops, the Chinese side returned towards their camp, sources said.



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