India Receives another 25,600 Vials of Remdesivir as a Gift from Gilead Sciences

Story Highlights
  • Gilead Sciences is an American biopharmaceutical company that produces Remdesivir
  • More than 1.5 lakh vials already sent by them
  • Another 25,600 vials came as a gift this morning

India: When it comes to the covid-19 severity, India ranks at number one position today, with almost 4 lakh+ cases being reported every day with 3000+ deaths. The condition is worsening day by day. The second wave has hit us all differently and the shortage of oxygen and other medical facilities have added to the woes. 

Meanwhile, an American biopharmaceutical company lends a hand of support to India by sending vials of Remdesivir, which is used to treat the coronavirus. Earlier, it had sent almost 1.5 lakh plus Remdesivir vials and today 25,600 more vials came as a gift from them. The ministry of external affairs tweeted the same saying, “Grateful to @GileadSciences for the gift of another 25,600 vials of Remdesivir that arrived in Mumbai this morning”.

Not only the US but India is getting help from several other countries during such tough times. From Saudi Arabia to Yemen, every nation is helping India with all kinds of medical facilities needed to tackle the situation here. As per the latest reports, in the last 24 hours, the total covid positive cases reported in the country is around 4,01,078 with deaths of almost 4187 affected persons.

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