India to Get its First CNG Tractor Tomorrow; Nitin Gadkari to Launch the Program

New Delhi: On February 12, Nitin Gadkari, in presence of other union ministers, launched India’s first-ever CNG tractor to help the farmers in impeccable ways. The association is carried out by Tomasetto Achille India and Rawmatt Techno Solutions and more such companies are joining hands in the movement as worldwide around 12 million vehicles are CNG operated.

A press release by the ministry of road transport and highways stated, “The most important benefit for the farmer will be to save more than one lakh rupees annually on fuel costs, which will help them to improve their livelihood”.

Farmers face many challenges in farming, one of which is the maintenance of tractors! With the introduction of the CNG tractors, it will definitely help in dealing with such issues to a greater extent.

The diesel-run tractors are becoming a hard deal for the farmers day by day as the fuel prices are increasing inadvertently. This move will benefit the farmers and cut down their fuel cost by an impeccable 40-50% because CNG costs 42/kg while the diesel comes at 77.43 Rs/litre. It will also make way for more employment in the agricultural sectors.

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