Indian BSF Returns 5 Illegal Bangladeshis to Maintain Goodwill

It is a very common phenomenon in the India-Bangladesh border to witness illegal entries of Bangladeshis. Be it due to work or treatment purposes, we hear news of such illegal immigration often. One such incident occurred on Monday, where a total of 5 Bangladeshis tried to enter India illegally by crossing the border. The group included two women and two children as well. They were handed over to the BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) by the Indian BSF on Monday at around 8.30 in the morning. 

The incident occurred in the Madhupur border outpost under the South Bengal Frontier. Though it is a very serious crime, they were released after interrogating a woman from the group. In the interrogation, the BSF officials found out that they were getting in for the treatment of their ailing mother. This step was taken as part of a gesture to implement humanity and goodwill between the two nations. 

The commanding officer of the BSF said, “Considering the seriousness of the crime of the apprehended people and to maintain the mutual cooperation and goodwill of the Border Guarding Force of both the countries, some innocent Bangladeshis are handed over to the BGB safely.” Many such cases have been reported earlier in this 4096 Kms long Indo-Bangla border but every time these illegal immigrants are returned to their country on humanitarian grounds.

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