Indian Railways to run 80 New Special Trains from Today; Here is the full list

New Delhi: Eighty new special trains will be operational from today, reservations for which started on Thursday. These trains will run in addition to the 230 trains already in operation, said Railway Board Chairman V K Yadav.

The Railway Board Chairman, at a media briefing, stated, “Eighty new special trains or 40 sets of trains will begin working from September 12. These will run in addition to the 230 trains already in activity.” 

Mr Yadav, who was as of late named the principal CEO of the Railway Board, said the railroads will screen all the trains that are right now in activity to figure out which trains have a long holding up list.

He said that, any place there is an interest for a specific train, any place the holding up list is long, we will run a clone train in front of the real train, with the goal that travellers can travel. 

The key factor in choosing the 80 new trains was the way that there were numerous stations from where the transient laborers are returning to their work environment, Yadav said. 

A large number of these trains are running the converse way of the Shramik Special trains. In this way, they (individuals) are leaving their homes and setting off to their work environment. 

He stated, we are observing the occupancy of trains and will run more trains according to request. Among the 230 trains, the occupancy of 12 is less. We are running them, yet will decrease the number of coaches, including that the average occupancy in the 230 trains is 80-85 percent. 

Yadav said the Railways is organizing with the state governments while settling on the presentation of new trains.

To an inquiry regarding running trains for tests, Yadav stated, “We will run trains at whatever point there is a solicitation from state governments for tests and other such purposes.”

The List of the 80 new trains: 


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