“Indians In Kharkiv Please…”: Urgent Advisory From Embassy

Story Highlights
  • Indian Embassy, Ukraine issues fresh advisory.
  • Urges all stranded to fill in a form.
  • The form is devised to expedite evacuation.

New Delhi: The Indian embassy in Ukraine, issued a fresh advisory for nationals stranded in Kharkiv asking them to fill up a form to expedite evacuation from the estate virtually under the control of Russians.

The tweet read- All Indian Nationals who are in KHARKIV excluding PISOCHYN, please fill up details contained in the form on an urgent basis”.

The form requires details like name, address, passport number and additional contact and references for those to be evacuated.

The Ministry of External Affairs said more flights have been scheduled to get students home under its evacuation programme called “Operation Ganga”- read the statement

More than 7,400 persons are expected to be brought through special flights in the next two days -while 3,500 citizens are expected to be brought back tomorrow and over 3,900 on March 5- the statement added.

As per the information with the MEA, 18,000 nationals have left the war-torn nation after the first advisory was issued. Under Operation Ganga, 30 flights have been operated which ferried home 6,400 stranded Indians. In the next 24 hours, 18 more are scheduled to fly the Ministry added.

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