India’s August Vaccine Tally Higher than G7 Nations Combined: Centre

Story Highlights
  • 180 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered in August.
  • Centre tweeted the achievement.
  • Over 68.46 crore COVID-19 vaccines administered in the country so far.

New Delhi: The government said today, India administered more COVID-19 vaccine doses than G7 nations combined in August. The centre’s official handle MyGovIndia said on Twitter that India administered over 180 million doses last month, whereas the G7 nations administered only 101 million doses.

The official MyGovIndia in a tweet said, “Yet another achievement! With more than 180 million vaccine doses administered in the month of August, India leaves a mark on the Global map of leading its way in vaccinating its population on priority.”

Laying down the statistics of all the G7 nations for the month of August, the centre said that the United Kingdom administered 5 million doses, Canada administered 3 million doses while Japan immunized 40 million beneficiaries. The US has administered 23 million doses and France has administered 13 million doses, it further added.

The country has administered over 68.46 crore COVID-19 vaccines so far.

42,766 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the country today.

Concerns regarding the Delta Plus variant of coronavirus are also there in the country. The government had warned against the Delta Plus variant in June.

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