India’s Omicron Specific Vaccine Could be Ready Soon

Story Highlights
  • Pune Based Gennova Biopharmaceuticals developing mRNA Vaccine
  • If approved for EU, will be the first vaccines to be developed on mRNA platform.
  • The firm has also developed an Omicron Specific vaccine awaiting permission for human trials.

New Delhi: In an attempt to battle the surge fuelled by the South African variant, a Pune based pharmaceutical spearheads to develop an Omicron specific vaccine which would soon be proceeded for trials om humans.

Gennova pharmaceuticals have reported progress in its development of an original mRNA vaccine candidate as it submitted the phase 2 trial data to the govt. With the phase 3 trial for the Delta variant nearing the end, the firm has decided to incorporate the same technology to curate an Omicron specific vaccine. With the sample ready for laboratory tests, a source close revealed that the firm would manufacture vaccines ‘at risk’ and in ‘sufficient quantity if given a nod by the Indian drug regulators.

The mRNA vaccines were recommended by expert Dr Gagandeep Kang as the best for booster doses. Recent claims by the versed Bharat Biotech stated immunity from Omicron on the administration of a booster dose of COVAXIN.

Messenger RNA or mRNA technology involves the injection of a small part of the virus’s genetic code (RNA) to stimulate the recipient’s immune response. It contains instructions for human cells to make proteins that mimic part of the novel coronavirus, spurring the immune system into action. No actual virus is contained in the vaccines.

Gennova, a unit of Emcure Pharmaceuticals operating in Pune in India, has fibres across 70 countries globally. The firm is also working on developing paediatric vaccines for age group 5 to 17 years and has submitted the stipulated protocol to conduct trials

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