Indonesia Shakes Again, 3rd Earthquake in 17 Days

Story Highlights
  • 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit Java
  • 3rd quake in the last 17 days
  • No casualties reported yet

Java, Indonesia: Earthquake tremors have been felt once again in Indonesia. This time the tremors have been felt in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta and the main island of Java. this is the third time in 17 days that the country suffered such high-magnitude earthquakes. So far there has been no news of any loss of life or property due to this earthquake. The intensity of the earthquake has been measured at 5.8 magnitude, which is higher than the devastating 5.6 magnitude earthquake that occurred on November 21.

Skyscrapers in the capital Jakarta shook for several seconds and people ran out of homes. The US Geological Survey said the 5.8-magnitude quake struck 14 km northwest of Siranjang-Hilir in West Java province at a depth of 123.7 km. This is the same province whose city of Cianjur was hit by a magnitude 5.6 earthquake on November 21, killing at least 334 people and injuring nearly 600.

On December 3, another strong earthquake tremors were felt in some parts of Indonesia’s main island Java, causing panic among people. They came out of their homes and ran towards the road. Its intensity was measured at 5.7 on the Richter scale. The earthquake caused minor damage in some areas. A magnitude 6.2 tremor was also felt in East Java, Indonesia, on December 6.

Heavy devastation was caused by the November 21 earthquake. It killed 334 people and injured more than 600. It was one of the worst earthquakes in Indonesia since the 2018 earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi. About 4340 people were killed in the earthquake in Sulawesi. Earthquakes are frequent in Indonesia, but it is unusual to feel them in Jakarta.

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