Indore’s Famed Flattened Rice Goes Expensive

Story Highlights
  • Breakfast dish Poha becomes expensive.
  • Street food prices surge in Indore.
  • In July, fruit prices rose 29.44% and vegetable prices rose 18.25% on year.

Indore: Flat rice popularly known as poha costs seems to be disappearing from breakfast plates as the prices soured by 80 per cent. A price hike between Rs 10-12 is witnessed in Indore, which is cited as an aftermath of inflation.

The one dish that is typically Maharashtrian but has been elaborated by the Indoris, with spice, embellishment and audaciousness, is the simple Poha.

Street food Samosa, Kachori and Petis have also seen a hike vanishing from the

Indore also being the commercial capital of Malwa region, the food here draws influence from Marwadi, Rajasthani cuisines and of course Maharashtrian food, which allows the food here to bait favour from the best of both worlds.

Food inflation stood at 5.38 per cent & 5.44 per cent in July, 2022 compared to 5.09 per cent & 5.16 per cent respectively in June, 2022 and 2.66 per cent & 2.74 per cent respectively during the corresponding month of the previous year.

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