International Airport to be made in Ayodhya; Acceptance of the Proposal by Centre

Story Highlights
  • Centre's approval to the proposal under the limelight
  • The district administration has been allocated about Rs 1000 crore
  • Ayodhya is a place for tourism and pilgrimage, so an airport there shall benefit the tourists

Lucknow: On Friday, the Chief Minister of UP announced that the proposal for an international airport has been approved by the Centre. Indian origin people who live in other countries like to visit Ayodhya. So, the Centre approved the proposal of the UP Government. To develop international tourism in Ayodhya, this initiative is majorly taken by the UP Government.

The Chief Minister said,” About Rs, 1,000 crores have been allocated to the district administration by the State government and that the Central government has disbursed Rs 250 crore.”  He even thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Civil Aviation minister Hardeep Singh for the donation. He further added, “For the construction of the airport, the Union government has provided for Rs 250 crore for the operation of ATR 72 type aircraft and till now more than 377 hectares of land is made available.”

While speaking about the tourism and pilgrimage of Ayodhya, Yogi said, “Ayodhya is popular for Ramjanmabhoomi. Work in Ayodhya is going on for the construction of Lord Ram temple. Lakhs of devotees and pilgrims visit Ayodhya. The city offers an amalgamation of spirituality and tourism and both the central and state governments are working for its development.” A major report stated that the airport will be named Maryada Purushottam Sriram Airport, after Lord Ram.

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