Isolated Terror Attacks Lead to the Scapegoating of Islam in France

Paris: France’s Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has announced a permanent shutdown of some 76 mosques in France, as the government of France suspects of the mosques having been encouraging extremism and separatism.

“Until now, the state has focused on radicalization and terrorism. Now we’re also going to attack the breeding grounds of terrorism, where people create the intellectual and cultural space for secession and imposing their values” – stated the Interior Minister.

As per Darmanin’s statement, each mosque will be inspected thoroughly, and any hint of the place being a “breeding ground of terrorism” will call for a permanent shut down for the mosque.

The Interior Minister said that the dive on the mosques has been “a massive and unprecedented action against separatism”, further adding, “In the coming days, these places of worship suspected of separatism will be inspected. Those that should be closed, will be.”

Gérald Darmanin has officially announced the disestablishment of the high-profile Muslim organization, namely “Collective Against Islamophobia in France” (CCIF), which has lately been accused of spreading Islamic propaganda. The CCIF has cried its protest, charging the Interior Minister of having “given in to the calls of the far-right”.

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