Israel Detects New Variant of Coronavirus

Story Highlights
  • The variant was detected in two passengers screened at Ben Airport
  • The variant is a Hybrid of Delta and Omicron variant.
  • Symptoms include- mild- fever, headaches and muscle dystrophy.

Jerusalem: The health ministry of Israel on Wednesday declared the detection of a new variant- a combo of Omicron’s dominant subvariant BA.1 and another subvariant, BA.2 in two cases that were screened on arrival at Israel’s Ben Airport. The hybrid version called- Deltacron- presented mild- fever, headaches and muscle dystrophy.

“This variant is still unknown around the world,” the Health Ministry said, on detection. “The two cases of the combined strain, which have been discovered so far, suffered from mild symptoms of fever, headaches and muscle dystrophy, and do not require a special medical response,” the statement from the ministry read.

Israel’s pandemic response chief Salman Zarka dismissed the panic associated with the emergence of the new variant and said that the phenomenon of combined variants is well-known and at present, they are not worried about this taking a serious turn.

Earlier in January, this year Israel detected a new variant called’ florona disease’ a double infection of COVID-19 and Influenza.

According to the latest official figures, around 1.4 million cases of Covid infection, including 8,244 deaths, have been officially recorded since the outbreak.

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