Israel Gears Up to Mandate Mask as Delta Variant Drives New Surge

Story Highlights
  • Israel- one amongst several countries to return to pre-pandemic state swiftly
  • 57% of the population administered the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine
  • The new surge shadows vaccinated individuals and children so far

World: Israel, one of the first countries to relinquish the novel virus gears up to reinstate an indoor mask mandate to contain outbreak. This comes after several countries witnessed a surge in delta variant cases mostly seen in children and vaccinated people.

Israel’s health ministry on Thursday said the mandate of Mask would be implemented when the average daily cases would exceed 100. According to Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis, by Sunday the country would reach the said threshold. 

Thursday falls to be the fourth consecutive day, where the number of cases are already beyond 100. 

 Israel’s Coronavirus Commissioner Professor Nachman Ash recommended people “to start wearing masks indoors already now.” The masks would be mandated as of next week, he added.

 While infections are low, especially compared to Israel’s peak of over 10,000 cases a day in January, the new outbreaks have clustered in children and in people who have already been vaccinated, prompting a renewed vaccination drive in children and the renewed prospect of quarantines for anybody exposed to the disease, even if they have been immunized.     

 Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries across the globe which successfully vaccinated 57% of its population with Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine. 

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