Israel Launches Air Strikes in Response to Incendiary Balloons

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  • The IDF said it attacked in response to the incendiary balloons ignited by the Gaza Strip
  • Rocket fire targeted Hamas compounds in Gaza
  • The airstrikes came just days after Naftali Bennett took over as Israeli prime minister

World: The Israel military has launched airstrikes on the Palestinian territory of Gaza in response to “incendiary balloons.” Reports suggest that the Gaza Strip sparked multiple fires in southern Israeli.

The strikes come just days after Naftali Bennett took over as Israeli prime minister, unseating Benjamin Netanyahu, and weeks after an Israeli airstrike killed more than 200 Palestinians, including over 60 children. 

In a statement, Israeli Defence Forces stated that they attacked Hamas Compounds in Gaza city. Local reporters stated that no casualties were reported from the site of the attack. 33 Palestinians, however, were injured by stun grenade, rubber bullets and live fire while 6 were rushed to the hospital following clashes with the Israeli troops.

Justifying their attack, IDF stated that early on Wednesday, the helium-filled balloons, affixed with incendiary devices, floated into Israel. The IDF says the balloons were launched as a protest to the provocative flag march in Jerusalem, where thousands of Israelis marched through the Old City. Far-right Jewish extremists taking part in the parade chanted “Death to Arabs” and “This is our home.” Israeli police in riot gear blocked surrounding streets, forcibly removing Palestinian protesters from the route. 

After the Israeli airstrikes, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Kassem said on Twitter, “The Zionist bombing of the Gaza Strip is a failed attempt to stop our people’s solidarity and resistance with the Holy City, and to cover up the unprecedented state of confusion for the Zionist establishment in organizing the so-called ‘flag-march.’ ” 

Hamas and other militant groups of the coastal strip dint strike an immediate response to the rocket fire, However, tension at the Zionist- Palestinian border has infuriated. 

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