Israel Launches New Strikes on Gaza; 1230 Injured Excavated from Beneath the Rubble

Story Highlights
  • Gaza witnessed the deadliest day of flare ups
  • 198 deaths reported
  • 'Nine' high ranking Hamas’s commanders attacked by the Israeli military

Israel hurled dozens of air strikes on the Gaza Strip on Monday, after the Palestinian militants fired barrages of rocket at Southern Israeli cities.

The pre-dawn strikes on the Palestinian lands were some of the heaviest since the air strikes commenced a week ago. 

The Israeli groups hit facilities belonging to the militant groups of Hamad and several commanders’ homes additionally main road damage and power outage were witnessed.

 People in Gaza have told of their fear. “I was getting ready to die. I had to be at peace with it,” Najla Shawa, a Palestinian humanitarian worker and mother of two stated. Describing previous air strikes over the weekend, she said: “People we know [were killed], people we work with… ordinary people, professional people, young and old.” 

The Israel Military reportedly conducted a 20 minutes attack on the  already rattled strip of Gaza using 50 warplanes.  They struck 35 “terror targets” and destroyed more than 15km (9.3 miles) of an underground tunnel network belonging to Hamas, stated sources. 

The military preconceived that it hit residents of ‘nine’ high ranking Hamas commanders. The soldiers also fired artillery from the Gaza border.

 On Monday, rocket warning sirens sounded again, in several areas around southern Israel. One rocket hit an apartment building in the city of Ashdod and several people were reportedly hurt.

Palestinian officials in Gaza, said,”the overnight strikes had caused widespread power cuts and damaged hundreds of homes and other buildings.”

The overall death toll of the country now stands at 198, including 58 children and 34 women with 1,230 injured as per the data documented by the Hamas run health ministry.

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