Jabalpur Resort Murder Accused Arrested from Ajmer; Sent into Two Days Police Custody

JABALPUR: Jabalpur resort murder accused who identified himself as Abhijeet Patidar was nabbed by special forces and the cyber team from Ajmer in a joint operation while he was withdrawing cash from an ATM. As per media reports, Abhijeet who is Hemant Bhadaude as per Aadhar had murdered his girlfriend accusing her of infidelity at the Mekhle resort and was absconding since then. The arrest was sought after 11 days when the police had declared a bounty on the whereabouts of the accused.

The accused, a Gujarat-based man is actually named Hemant Bhadaude a resident of Nashik in Maharashtra. It is learned that Hemant changed his name to mislead the police. Jabalpur IG Umesh Joga shared details of the police operation in a press conference.

“Hemant was changing his location every 12 hours. From Jabalpur to Raipur, Nagpur, Chandigarh, and Ajmer the accused was traveling on a regular basis. But finally, we caught him, and the court granted two days’ remand. Investigations are on and we are trying to ascertain the actual cause of the murder, said the IG.

According to CSP Priyanka Shukla, “Hemant came to Jabalpur three months ago. That was when he met Shilpa for the first time. They soon fell in love and Shilpa started trusting him completely. This is why Hemant had access to her ATM and pin. She even went to the resort on November 6 of her own free will. Later, on suspicions of infidelity, Hemant brutally murdered her.”  The victim Shilpa Jharia, was a resident of Barela Jabalpur.

The police have recovered more than 1.5 lakh cash, the victim’s ATM card, a gold chain, and gold earrings from the accused. Hemant was regularly using Shilpa’s ATM card and apparently that helped the police in tracing his location. His last location was recorded in Ajmer, after which a team of Jabalpur police was sent to Rajasthan. Several fake ID cards have been recovered from his possession.

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