Jan Darshan Abhiyan Re-Commences in Capital City

Story Highlights
  • Raipur Collector attends Jan Dharshan Abhiyan at Collectorate Campus.
  • Common man convenes with collector and other officials to convey greviances.
  • Collector Jan Darshan Abhiyan to be held every Tuesday.

Raipur: Raipur administration today resumed the collector Jandarshan Abhiyan in the Collectorate Campus from 1pm.

The Jandarshan Abhiyan in Raipur resumed after a haitus of 2 years today. The authorities have decided to hold the program every Tuesday.

Under this program, common man could convene with the Collector and discuss their probelms assertively.As per the notice issued to all government officials, officers from all district administration will have to be present for the Jandarshan every Tuesday following which the application of the common man will be forwarded to the concerned department for addressal. Saurabh Kumar collector of Raipur was also present at the Jandarshan. Residents are instructed to follow COVID behaviour while assembling in mass.

As per the instructions is the CM the collector is also called for a law and order meeting in with officers from all district administrations. Senior officers of SP, general administration of the district, revenue and police authorities have been instructed to assemble for the review meeting today.

Additionally, sources also inform the organization of an IG Darshan to be held from November 11th at the IG office, Shankar Nagar where the common man could meet the ID directly and convey their issues.

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