Japan Monitors Possibility Of Tsunami As Volcano Erupts in Indonesia

JAKARTA: Japan’s Meteorology Agency monitors the possibility of a tsunami after a volcano erupted in Indonesia on the intervening nights of Saturday and Sunday sources said. A volcano erupted at 11:18 a.m. Japan time (0218 GMT) trigerring a tsunami is speculated to reach Okinawa Prefecture as early as 0530 GMT, reports from the agency mentioned.

Indonesia’s Semeru volcano on Java island erupted on Sunday speweing a column of ash 1.5 km into the air, prompting authorities to warn residents to stay away from the eruption area.

Countrys disaster mitigation agency has warned residents not to conduct any activities within 5 km of the eruption centre and to stay 500 metres from riversides due to risks of lava flow. Authorities distributed Masks claiming the volcanic activity remained at Level III.

The volcano began erupting at 2:46 a.m. (1946 GMT on Saturday), BNPB said in a statement. Videos posted on social media showed grey ash clouds in nearby areas.

Indonesia has the largest number of population gloablly residing in close proximity of the volcanoes.

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